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Slate Mine Christine: really good light…

… Steffies new 21 HID-light head has. The head is almost better for photographing in combination with buddy’s light than the iTorch video light. Therefore some interesting light effects has become on the pictures. Have a look!

Today we have penetrated in an unknown part of the Christine for us. We turned right on the first T like a lot of other times. Afterwards we followed the corridor. Uninterrupted we cranked until the side strake where we often turned or returned. Another hole in the ground invites for diving in deeper corridors. But we didn’t do that today. Past some corridors and alcoves we came across an old tank which is placed in an alcove and a control desk on the other side. Three fin kicks later we saw a room and another diverged from it. We dived into the first one but the second only one diver could see in it because it is too small for two divers. Directly, only at breathing in this room, the grate of the door fall down. We think that nobody was here since a long time.

What a pity! – the pressure gauge suggested returning. But the corridor with the main line continues and there are a lot of turnoffs. But next time we can go to the point where we returned uninterrupted and than we can look for the next part…
Water: 8°C, max. depth: 25 m, gas: Nitrox 36, max. dive time: 66 min.


Eschweiler: lake ‘Blausteinsee’

Last sunday in Panheel: ‘We go to lake Blausteinsee on Wednesday. It has a good visibility.’ Mh, yes – Blausteinsee. We did our first 20m+-dives there. But we haven’t been to it since the lake has been in bad headlines and our dry suits smelt nasty after this one dive which is long ago. But we can try the lake again.

In fine – on to lake Blausteinsee. After work diving. We were arranged with Stefan, Armin and Manfred, but anywhere Stefan was at the lake at 6 p.m.. But no one else. Armin war ill and Manfred came a little later. After we have asked some other diver about the visibility and they told something with 10 cm Stefan and Peter decided to go to Maastricht for eating some Netherland rissoles. But restaurant ‘Reitz’ in Maastricht was closed and when Manfred and his female buddy arrived the two girls still decided to go into the water. Wolfgang sold us day tickets and we started with the prospect of bad visibility. We discussed diving along the line until the first truck cabin and after that to follow the cave lines and to dive the big Blausteinsee tour. Until the first truck cabin other diver’s statement about the bad visibility was right. The visibility was 2 metres not 10 cm und when we passed a depth about 12 metres the visibility became a lot better. We didn’t believe our eyes. It was dark and at first there were some flakes but the visibility of 10 – 15 metres astonished us.

So we followed our diving plan and dived the big tour: pipes, bank, grill, trailer, Mary (sail boat), underwater forest, truck cabins and back again. At last, on the way back to the entrance we were happy to see that something lives in the lake: perches and crayfish followed our lights in flat water. It was a really good dive with Manfred, Stefan and Eva.
Water: 6°C, max. depth: 33 m, max. dive time: 65 min., visibility: until the depth of 12 m ca. 2 m, after 10-15 m


Summer Holidays 2014: Attersee / Austria : Spot ‘Hinkelsteine’ (standing stones)

When we arrived at the lake Attersee, we first went to a super market in Seewalchen to get some Austrian food products: ‘Wanderstangerl’ (salami), ‘Gösser Natur Zitrone’ (beer with lemon juice), Nussstriezel (nut cake) and ‘Extrawurst’ (special pork sausage). After we went to our holiday flat in Weyregg, we went for a walk to the dive shop ‘Under Pressure‘ for looking if the dive shop is open and to say hello to Bocki and his team. Unfortunately Bocki wasn’t in but a team member ( the one with the goatbeard, we have forgotten his name *blush*). We arranged that we bring the stage bottles and fill the other bottles the next day because we want to clear them. It was no problem and really down-to-earth – as always.

Unfortunately we spent too much time for rebuilding and checking our equipment and Peters arm wristband got damaged. So we canceled the dive. But at the next day it worked. We changed Peters wristband and filled all bottles in the morning so that we could make an expanded dive at ‘Hinkelsteine’ (standing stones).

We arrived at the spot and the first diver reserved parking zones for the next five of his friends. So we drived forward some metres and directly at the entrance we found a parking zone in the shadow (by the way we had over 30 degrees at 10 o’ clock).

We dived the good way to the standing stones and had an intensive look to the attraction. The first of three stones was a little bit in fog. If other diver were the reason or it is because of that the first stone is above 20 m (under 20 m the visibility became always much better) we could only suppose. So we concentrated on the second and third stone. Especially on the third because at our dive at this place in September our buddys bottles were too small for having a look at everything.

We spent the decompression time for examining litter. Suddenly we heard an awkward sound which we didn’t know. It was an awkward buzzing. And suddenly two divers with strange mini scooter dashed over. Really awkward. We didn’t heard such a sound before.
Water: 5° C, air: 35° C, max. depth: 41 m visibility: bis zu 20 m, divetime: 80 Min.


Szimpla Kertmozi Budapest: Our favourite…

Two evenings and a short while on a day we spent in our beloved Simpla Kertmozi. If you have a look on the house only from outside you don’t think about a popular place. But when you go inside you can’t stop amazing and watching. During the day Szimpla is a location where bio and art markets happen. Here and there people sit and like there coffee in this special Szimpla atmosphere. But at night this location begin to live. Everybody from all countrys meet here. A mix of pub, bar, lounge and club, but in an alternative style, inspires the ‘residents’ of the night to have a very special party. At least the party is a special something for us because we haven’t found such a location anywhere. Have a look – because of that we come back again…


Summer holidays 2014: Forays through Budapest

During our stay in Budapest we made some dry forays – with and without  Stefan. We visited a lot of places (palace, city, Szimpla Kertmozi) in this beautiful town. Carried over by the turbulence we stopped here and there and let us inspire by the city szenes…

Summer holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Kobanya IV

Our fourth and last dive in Kobanya did we have also next to the entrance so that we can left our cars where we parked them for the first dive on this day. Unfortunately Stefan couldn’t dive with us. Again a stairway was the way to reach the water. But at this spot we had to find the access without the comfortable light because it failed. But it didn’t disturb. So the dive began with lovely light acts outside the water while going downstairs. Because of the small entrance we descented successively. At first we dived down the stairway. A second stairway showed us the way through the crawl space.

We let us fall until the botton where bottles were placed on a concrete base. After a while and some rounds through the hall we went up until 12 metres. In this depth are two holes in the wall – on the one and on the other side of the room. We planned to slip in them. Jozsef began with diving in the first. He swam in it, straightened up and what had happen then we couldn’t see. So we inspected the hole: We had to go through the hole, straightened up and ca. 1,50 metres up a corridor began. After some metres the corridor ends and we returned. The second hole hid something near the first. After we came out of the second hole we finished our dive.

Stefan was happy about the light acts when we rose. Köszönöm, Jozsef, for four great dives in Kobanya!

Something about Kobanya: The Kobanya mine is in the 10th and homonymous district. In the mine limestone was won from 1258 – 1990. In the course of time some parts of the mine were fleeded so that some interesting dive spots were arisen.
Water: 13° C, dive time: 61 min., max. depth: 31 m, visibility: as far as light allows.


Summer holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Kobanya III

Our second dive day in Kobanya began again at 9 o’ clock in the morning. With a lot of sun and a rising temperature outside we went into the mine. With a cool environment we finishes our equipment for the third dive. The diving place is next to the entrance of the mine. Behind a construction awning there is a big corridor. A piece farther behind a door a staircase led us to the water.

Brrr – Jozsef told us about: the water is 4° C cooler than at the diving spots. Nobody knows why. But 9 degrees are still comfortable, especially in a dry suit. Another phenomen are worms which live only at this diving place. The dive began with going along stairs in a hall. Anywhere there are lamps and control tablets. Very interesting. We let us fall in the hall until the ground after we passed a crawl space and then we swim down slowly. Underneath the crawl space we dived into a corridor which ends in another hall. The corridor is high but not wide. We couldn’t have a look at the blanket because our lamps didn’t range. On the way back we swam the corridor at first again but at the end we bruised through a chink in another room. With the survey of this and another room the dive ended.
Water: 9° C, diving time: 50 min., max. depth: 32 m, visability: as far as light allows but here it was a little bader

Summer holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Kobanya II

We have done our second dive at the place where we have been one year ago – at the main place with the famous wagon and the circular staircase. But this time the photo became much better. And because of our knowledge we observed a lot of things much better. We saw some details which we can’t remember. Furthermore we had not been so excited as at the first time.

The dive began again with gliding downstairs. We followed the hallways again. At one place we slipped through steel girder and concrete ceiling. At this place you must stretch your body because it is a little bit narrow with double 12 and a stage. At the end Joszef guided us into a big room where it is some metres deeper. On the way back we went through the same hallway but at the bottom past one concrete plate. After we arrived the big hall we dived in another room through a hole in the bottom. After going up over the famous circular staircase and the observing of some details at the walls we had a look at the wagon again. It was presented by a light spot. That was lovely for taking some photos. We were impressed by the light-shadow-games. After diving for over one hour we went up over the ladder to the exit. The first two dives at Kobanya ended too fast. But they were unforgettable and we talked a lot about them while having dinner at Torockó Vendéglő.The food was lovely and too much over there.
Water:14 °C, max. depth: 28 m, max. dive time: 70 min.



Sommer Holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Kobanya I

Here we go! Diving in Kobanya – finally!
Similarly last year we, Steffie, Peter and Stefan, met Joszef at 9 o’ clock in the morning before Kobanya. With our cars we went after ‘hello’ and ‘nice to meet you again’ in the mine. We took through some passages until we arrived the diving place. Over there where we parked our cars there are two holes in the blanket which let the daylight in but also a lot of litter.

Before diving we talked about our 4 planned dives. The first one should become a dive with a maximal depth of 36 m (the deepest of the four) and with diving through a round shaft which ends at the maximal depths. Anywhere we found things of the quarrying time on the walls: Lights, steerings…
After 45 minutes the dive finished too fast.
Water: 13°C, max., depth: 36 m, visability: as far as light allows, max. diving time: 45 min.



Summer holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Abstinent symptoms…

After our short visit in Zagreb we arrived Budapest in the evening of the 2nd June. We choosed hotel ‘Nap’ in the X. district where Kobanya sits. It is not luxury and the district seemed to be an working-class quarter but that didn’t matter. The only one that was really horrible was the coffee in the hotel. Our dive-free day before diving in Kobanya on 4th and 5th June we spent for finding a diving shop. Stefan needed to fill his bottle and Steffie needed a new mask because she had damaged it at the first dive at Isle Krk. Until then she kept her head under water with loans. After finding one and determining that some diving equipment is cheaper in Hungary and some not we went back to hotel. The name of the diving shop – it seems to be the only one in Budapest and we checked other adresses – is not considerable. Filling bottles is expensive and we didn’t feel welcome. Pity!

In the late evening we went to the capital and – sorry for your distress, Peter – to a shoe (shop) paradise. After our small stroll through different (shoe) shops we went to the direction of where according to our opinion it seemed to be the most restaurants: next to Szimpla Kert. The restaurant ‘Kazimir‘ we found towards synagogue. We loved the small garden in the backyard of the restaurant directly and had a good dinner there. After that, back to hotel? – No! We could go to Szimpla Kert, for one wine. It is next to, so… On a ‘Trabant’ we sat down, smelt Szimpla Kert air and watched other people. Here and there something became different since our last visit. Good – it won’t never be boring there.

In the next morning we went eventual for diving in Kobanya – after water abstinence for two days…



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