January 2015 archive

Triebischtal / Sachsen / Germany: Old limestone mine Miltitz

After the good dives in the limestone mine ‚Miltitz‘ last year we could get one of the appointments for diving this year. Already before we made plans about our dives and filled our bottles with appropriate gases.

On Friday evening we started after work and a check if we have packed our camera and its body. With continuous rain we drived straight to Dresden where we stayed in hotel ‚Waldschlösschen‘, directly next to brewery ‚Waldschlösschen‘ and a bridge called the same name. Here we had a late dinner.

The next day started very early in the morning because there are some kilometres to drive from Dresden to Triebischtal. Out on the countryside where time has stopped a little we arrived at our rather goal for this weekend: the limestone mine ‚Miltitz‘. (mehr …)

Lake ‚Kreidesee‘ Hemmoor: Our turn of the year…

We already went for christmas to the North of Germany, to Steffie’s parents who live in Norderstedt (next to Hamburg). And so we decided to spend the turn of the year with friends at lake ‚Kreidesee‘ Hemmoor. The tour was organized by dive school Sepia.

Actually we wanted to go to Hemmoor at the 31st December but it is an long time between christmas and sylvester. So we went to the lake two days before because it isn’t far away from Hamburg. Mike, Eva, Ralf, Steffi and Sascha invited us for having breakfast at their holiday house before diving. Thank you again. That was really good. After we started our dive with some of them from E2 to the Rüttler. Afterwards we drove back to Hamburg. We finished our lovely day with a good dinner at restaurant ‚Schweinske‘ Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel and a glissade back to NorderstedtAt 31st December we moved from Hamburg to Hemmoor in one of those framehouses on the terrain of lake ‚Kreidesee‘. We like them an they are ‚gemuetlich‘. We shared it with BeateManfred and Armin. Perfect. That was really good. After a short greeting we picked up our diving equipment and drove to the water: Together with Eva, Stefan, Mike, ManfredRalf und Armin we dived from E0 to the plane and beside the steep face back to E1. For the turn of the year we had a small party in one of the houses and a barbecue. Thank you Carsten! The meat was broiled really good. Mjam!

The new year we began with our personal highlight of the Hemmoor trip: Wolfgang by dive school Sepia borrowed us two scooter for our first scooter dive. At the beginning trying with the lowest speed we lined up inaptly. But some moments later it wasn’t dificult any more and so we scootered downwards to the ‚Rüttler‘ – with the highest speed. Three times around the ‚Rüttler‘ and past again… The concret bomb and the sail boat revolving we tried them. Lovely! That was a lot of fun. Very good. Thank you, Wolfgang!

A day later we began our day slowly and dived with Beate from E2 again to the bridge of the ‚Rüttler‘. Diving over the chute we went to the cellar of the building. We were very happy that  Beate had so much fun and cracked her record of depth in freshwater.

Our Trimix dive we made with Manfred at E5 one day later. Actually we decided to dive there at home. The steep face should be very nice at this place… But the tow of the equipment holded us off until then. We planned our dive until the depth of 50 metres. But when we arrived that depth we kept to the right. But there wasn’t anything except sludge. So we turned and still encountered the steep face. Altogether it was a good dive.

Unfortunately our holidays were coming to an end. So we met with MikeManfred and Ralf (*grr*) really early in the morning for doing a last dive in this lake at the 4th January before driving home and having breakfast. We started at E1 and dived over the street to the pipelines and the ‚Rüttler‘. Our decompression time we spent in the forest. A lovely last dive.

Thank you, Wolfgang by dive school Sepia for the organisation. We had a really good time with you, Eva, Beate, Steffi, Elisa, Claudia, Marlies, Carsten, Mike, Stefan, Ralf, Nils, Wolfgang, Sascha, Wolfgang, HarryManfred and Armin. We enjoyed it really!