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Willingen / Germany: escaping christmas turbulence – mine Christine again

With Susanne we escaped christmas turbulance and had two really good dives at slate mine Christine. After the dives coffee thirst and hunger let us go to our favorite café on the main street in Willingen. There it was possible to buy stollen which is stored in Christine. Mh – but we hadn’t seen them. Perhaps the stollen is one level deeper 🙂 🙂 🙂

Altogether it was a lovely day and we were pleased about showing Susi the mine.

Franchimont / Belgium: La Roche Fontaine

At Mike’s birthday Party we talked about a trip to Roche Fontaine in Franchimont / Belgium. Suddenly we planned the trip for the following weekend. We simply needed a new spot. And so we, Beate and Manfred, Mike and we both, accepted to drive 250 km each way. We wanted to see something new and we wanted to dive deeper than 35 m.

So we met at 6 o’clock in Eupen to start with Bea, Manfred and Mike to Carriere de Roche Fontaine. Anyway we need 2-2.5 h for one way and Mike’s friend recommended to arrive at 8.30 a.m. So we could get a parking zone in the front row. First we passed some motorways and after a lot of kilometres on a country road through the Ardennes. Lovely – like a holiday day. The architecture of the houses and the country connect another flair. And then we arrived our goal – right in the middle. Nobody was there and the cold and wet weather doesn’t communicate cosiness. Equal! Coffee and breakfast! A little later other diver arrived and with the entrance to the spot it began to rain really heavy. But the other diver sprinted to the reception.

After we got to know why. After we checked in, inspired the diving place (it is not bigger than a pitch), assembeled the equipment, went to the water and had a view under water we realized that the visibility was bad – agitated. But it became better in the depth. So we had two good dives next to slick marble walls. Peter and Manfred searched the 50 m hole but didn’t find it. Also some relicts of the decomposition time impressed us, too. While waiting the decompression time we met some fishes.

In the next village of Franchimont we found a Frikandel snack bar. Altogether we had a lovely day at Roche Fontaine.

The photos aren’t so good this time because Steffie had some problems photographing in this light situation. And the visibility wasn’t good for taking pictures. Beate Kleemann took the group photos.
2-5 m, max. dive time: 70 min. max. depth: 40 m, water: 11 °C

Panheel / Netherlands – consistently on Sundays…

We have been with Manfred, Mike, Danni and Mike (there are two Mikes in our circle of friends) for diving in Panheel often. With a partly very good visibility we rejoiced in the numerous underwater objects (helicopter, „gallery“, plane, boat…). Although we met some animals and found the 30 m-place. Especially amusing is the morning ado on Sundays, from 8.30/8.45 on. For some Dutch it is really important to be the first on the parking place of the (mehr …)

Sprimont / Belgium: Carrière de Lillé

Early in the morning, at nine o’clock we met Torsten at stone quarry of Sprimont in the Ardennes. Because of talking to another diver we know that you can come for diving to Sprimont without registration before – different to La Gombe that is next to Sprimont.

The parking place was really full but we found two places for our cars and so we looked about at first. With our bad French we registered for diving in the restaurant and amazingly they talked to us in English. Our French seemed to be too bad… Perhaps the man at registration didn’t want to hear that. After we got a briefing about diving in the quarry by him he explained (mehr …)

Slate mine Nuttlar / Sauerland: Being unfaithful to…

– slate mine ‚Christine’… But it will really forgive because we must have a look to other things… And there was an open account with photographing. Last time our camera under water body was flooded.

At the long October weekend in Germany we didn’t pack our cases again. We came back from our trip to the lakes of the region ‚Salzkammergut‘ in Austria the weekend before. So we spent a nice day in slate mine Nuttlar with two good dives. (mehr …)

Slate Mine Christine: really good light…

… Steffies new 21 HID-light head has. The head is almost better for photographing in combination with buddy’s light than the iTorch video light. Therefore some interesting light effects has become on the pictures. Have a look!

Today we have penetrated in an unknown part of the Christine for us. We turned right on the first T like a lot of other times. Afterwards we followed the corridor. Uninterrupted we cranked until the side strake where we often turned or returned. Another hole in the ground invites for diving in deeper corridors. But we didn’t do that today. Past some corridors and alcoves we came across an old tank which is placed in an alcove and a control desk on the other side. Three fin kicks later we saw a room and another diverged from it. We dived into the first one but the second only one diver could see in it because it is too small for two divers. Directly, only at breathing in this room, the grate of the door fall down. We think that nobody was here since a long time.

What a pity! – the pressure gauge suggested returning. But the corridor with the main line continues and there are a lot of turnoffs. But next time we can go to the point where we returned uninterrupted and than we can look for the next part…
Water: 8°C, max. depth: 25 m, gas: Nitrox 36, max. dive time: 66 min.


Eschweiler: lake ‚Blausteinsee‘

Last sunday in Panheel: ‚We go to lake Blausteinsee on Wednesday. It has a good visibility.‘ Mh, yes – Blausteinsee. We did our first 20m+-dives there. But we haven’t been to it since the lake has been in bad headlines and our dry suits smelt nasty after this one dive which is long ago. But we can try the lake again.

In fine – on to lake Blausteinsee. After work diving. We were arranged with Stefan, Armin and Manfred, but anywhere Stefan was at the lake at 6 p.m.. But no one else. Armin war ill and Manfred came a little later. After we have asked some other diver about the visibility and they told something with 10 cm Stefan and Peter decided to go to Maastricht for eating some Netherland rissoles. But restaurant ‚Reitz‘ in Maastricht was closed and when Manfred and his female buddy arrived the two girls still decided to go into the water. Wolfgang sold us day tickets and we started with the prospect of bad visibility. We discussed diving along the line until the first truck cabin and after that to follow the cave lines and to dive the big Blausteinsee tour. Until the first truck cabin other diver’s statement about the bad visibility was right. The visibility was 2 metres not 10 cm und when we passed a depth about 12 metres the visibility became a lot better. We didn’t believe our eyes. It was dark and at first there were some flakes but the visibility of 10 – 15 metres astonished us.

So we followed our diving plan and dived the big tour: pipes, bank, grill, trailer, Mary (sail boat), underwater forest, truck cabins and back again. At last, on the way back to the entrance we were happy to see that something lives in the lake: perches and crayfish followed our lights in flat water. It was a really good dive with Manfred, Stefan and Eva.
Water: 6°C, max. depth: 33 m, max. dive time: 65 min., visibility: until the depth of 12 m ca. 2 m, after 10-15 m


Panheel / Netherlands: Boschmolenplas

Actually I thought about Panheel: underwater scrap yard with bad visibility. But at this day I have changed my mention about this dive spot.

With Stefan I started after a cup of coffee very early in the morning. We met with the people of dive school Sepia from Hamm. After a short hello and some exchange we got together with Armin, Manfred and Beate.

Our first dive we went to a basket along 6 m depth from the entry left. Wow, what a visibility. I didn’t know by Panheel. At the basket we turned to the middle of the lake, course 355°. So we found the helicopter after a short time.

Unser erster Tauchgang führte uns entlang der 6 m Linie am Einstieg links herum über ein kleines Boot und eine Mühle bis hin zu einem Korb. Wow, was für eine Sicht. Die kenne ich aus Panheel überhaupt nicht. Dort bogen wir ab in Richtung Seemitte mit Kurs 355°, um nach kurzer einer Weile auf den Hubschrauber zu stoßen. Dieser ist hier und da mit Muscheln bewachsen. Besonders gut haben mir die Rotorblätter gefallen sowie die Kabine, denn dort hatten sich die Muscheln an der Vergitterung angesiedelt. Leider mussten wir nach kurzer Zeit schon zurücktauchen, denn die vereinbarte Zeit war um.

Nach einer Pause, etwas zu essen und zu trinken sowie etwas Austausch starteten wir unseren zweiten Tauchgang. Dieser führte uns über einige Statuen bis zum Flugzeug. Letzteres schauten wir uns etwas näher an. Ein bisschen Posing gehörte natürlich auch dazu. Übers Flachwasser beendeten wir den Tauchgang. Den Tag ließen Stefan und ich mit einer smakelijk Frikandel special und Fritten ausklingen.   – Steffie –
Max. Tiefe: 11 m, Sicht: 5-7 m, Wasser: 15° C, max. Tauchzeit: 63 Min.


Esneux / Belgium: La Gombe

Today we were with a group of divers in La Gombe. Some time ago we reserved 20 places for the water time in the morning and invited diving friends for a common sunday trip. At the weekend you must reserve the water time in the morning and in the afternoon everbody is welcome to dive.
(mehr …)