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Salzkammergut / Austria: A desaturation trip to lake Gosausee and Hallstatt

We started a small trip of desaturation to lake Gosausee. In the sunshine we could enjoy the nature and discover also the small things.

After a cup of coffee in the sun we continued our trip and visited Hallstatt. Finally we could experience this special place in lovely weather. 🙂

Valstagna / Italy: A good beginning of our holidays…

… but without diving.
Before we can move into our flat at lake Attersee we had three days of our holidays. So we research what we can do until. A trip to Valstagna in Italy for diving in three caves „Grotta dei Fontanazzi“, „Elefante Bianco“ and „Grotte di Oliero“ seemed to be a good idea.

So we booked a flat on Monte Grappa. We were a little bit surprised about the twisting road. On the half way to the top we found our accomodation. The name „Space of love“ was a little bit crazy but the flat was good and the view breathtaking.

The view over the Po plain

On the day after arriving we went to the diving place. But the thunderstorms on the days before especially on the last night made high water in the cave and a very heavy current. There was nothing with diving. We were disappointed. But we did know that there was a risk for diving in the caves. We didn’t know before if there ist the possibility for diving because of weather etc.

Also it wasn’t possible to dive in the other two caves because of high water.

At Grotte di Oliero

At Grotte di Oliero

At Elefante Bianco







At Elefante Bianco

And now? The region has a lot of sights. So we decided to spend the rest of the day in Bassano del Grappa without trying Grappa but with a big pizza.

Because of having one day left in Italy and the city isn’t far away and Peter had never been and Steffie 25 years ago we planned a trip to Venice. With sunny, hot weather we let  gondola, small alleys, channels, bridges, cappuccino, gelato and more act on us. At the end of the day we were happy but broken of this exiciting town.

The same evening we had to say: „Ciao bella Italia! We will come back – but for diving!!!“

Szimpla Kertmozi Budapest: Our favourite…

Two evenings and a short while on a day we spent in our beloved Simpla Kertmozi. If you have a look on the house only from outside you don’t think about a popular place. But when you go inside you can’t stop amazing and watching. During the day Szimpla is a location where bio and art markets happen. Here and there people sit and like there coffee in this special Szimpla atmosphere. But at night this location begin to live. Everybody from all countrys meet here. A mix of pub, bar, lounge and club, but in an alternative style, inspires the ‚residents‘ of the night to have a very special party. At least the party is a special something for us because we haven’t found such a location anywhere. Have a look – because of that we come back again…


Summer holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Abstinent symptoms…

After our short visit in Zagreb we arrived Budapest in the evening of the 2nd June. We choosed hotel ‚Nap‘ in the X. district where Kobanya sits. It is not luxury and the district seemed to be an working-class quarter but that didn’t matter. The only one that was really horrible was the coffee in the hotel. Our dive-free day before diving in Kobanya on 4th and 5th June we spent for finding a diving shop. Stefan needed to fill his bottle and Steffie needed a new mask because she had damaged it at the first dive at Isle Krk. Until then she kept her head under water with loans. After finding one and determining that some diving equipment is cheaper in Hungary and some not we went back to hotel. The name of the diving shop – it seems to be the only one in Budapest and we checked other adresses – is not considerable. Filling bottles is expensive and we didn’t feel welcome. Pity! (mehr …)