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Triebischtal / Germany: Miltitz again or the special end of our holidays…

…but this time we brought our friend Mike Lux with us for doing two cave try out dives

The last weekend of our holidays we went to Dresden for diving in Miltitz. We had planned it before we talked to our friends about Lot ans so we drove from Cajarc to Triebischtal. But this time we met our friend Mike and his girlfriend Barbara. Mike was allowed to do two try out dives in the mine and Barbara visited the famous sights of Dresden.

On Saturday we did our dive on ourselves and on Sunday we had a look at Mike’s dive. Naturally he wanted to have some pictures about him in the mine. We know that from ourselves. And it is always a nice keepsake. We loved Mike’s smile after diving in the mine. After diving on Saturday we met Barbara in the central of Dresden for appreciating the sun at a cup of coffee at first and afterwards German’s brewery cuisine again.

Unfortunately this both days came to an end too fast (it is always the same) and after a lunch break at a restaurant which Susi had recommended we had finally to go home.

All the pictures in the dry area and the photo of the three divers in the water were made by Barbara. Thank you very much for them.

Lot / France: our trip to the European cave mecca

‚You are also interested in a trip to Lot?’ Miki asked a half year ago. Yes, we are! Very fast a group was together. Miki booked a house at Domaine de Gayfie near St. Paul de Laure for the whole people in Easter holidays. Somebody went shopping, someone brought a compressor and another one brought Oxygen and Helium. That would become a really good trip.

In January Peter did the user course for CCR KISS. But for diving in the mines in Germany he needs a CCR cave course. So we bespoke with Peter’s CCR teacher Oliver Marsel to do a crossing to IANTD and CCR full cave course. He stayed in France fort his time, too.

The days before holidays we organized our equipment and bought some things which we needed. On the Friday our holidays began with packing the equipment in our car and the first part of the trip. In Dijon we ate in a bad restaurant and slept in F1 hotel which rooms were like rooms on a ship. The next day we started with a French breakfast (Croissants). After a lot of kilometers on the highway and the freeway we arrived in the afternoon.

We were the last people and at our arriving ithe house looked like a diver’s home. The first evening we had a barbecue and talked a lot.

For our first day Oliver planned theoretical lessons because the flow in the caves was so heavy that not all caves where good for diving. So we started the practical lessons at St Sauveur and Landenouse and not as planned in the Ressel. But at the Easter weekend diving in the Ressel was possible again. Steffie’s personal highlight was a dive in the Truffe with two friends on Easter weekend. Peter can’t come with them because his ears didn’t work – damn. After Easter weekend we finished our course at Ressel with getting our technical cave certification.

Our group was a little sad of illness. Some of them went home earlier. Peter had luck. His ears worked again after a break of two days.

We were happy in getting to know a lot of diver from other countries and meeting also the people who we meet at our home spots.

Many thanks to Oliver Marsel of for an interesting and instructive course. Thank you, Miki, for bringing a compressor, organizing the house and borrowing tools and so on. Thank you Ati, Susi and Benni for bringing oxygen and helium. Thank you Ati and Stefan for an unforgetable dive in the Truffe and a lot of tips. Thank you, Alex, Tim, Jenni, Susi, Ati, Benni, Miki, Stefan and Oliver for a good holiday with lovely dives.

Willingen / Germany: escaping christmas turbulence – mine Christine again

With Susanne we escaped christmas turbulance and had two really good dives at slate mine Christine. After the dives coffee thirst and hunger let us go to our favorite café on the main street in Willingen. There it was possible to buy stollen which is stored in Christine. Mh – but we hadn’t seen them. Perhaps the stollen is one level deeper 🙂 🙂 🙂

Altogether it was a lovely day and we were pleased about showing Susi the mine.

Bavaria / Germany: lake Walchensee spot ‚Galerie‘

Before our holidays Dirk told us about going to Oktoberfest of Munich and after diving in lake Walchensee.And that at our last holiday weekend. Perfect! We wanted to go before to lake Walchensee because another friend told us a lot about the lovely lake and this special spot with its scarp face. So Dirk didn’t need to ask if we are interested, too. YES!!! We invited us ourselves. 😀

While we stayed at lake Attersee he told us what he planned and so we ordered the right gases at Bocki’s a day before. And we agreed meeting for breakfast at 8 in the first café on the left side.

But in the meantime the flow of refugees increased and because of that they introduced border controls. We heart about waiting time for a lot of hours. So we started our tour from Attersee to Walchensee at 5 o‘ clock in the morning. But we passed the border without control and were half an hour before meeting time in the small café. Perfect. With some information about the lake and a lot of laughter we had a good start in the diving day. And there were also no wind so no wind or kite surfer could be on the parking zone for the dive spot.

We met some other diver on the parking zone. After a short briefing and making a dive plan we arranged our equipment and placed our stages with a rope in the water because the entrance isn’t comfortable. Balancing over the stones and with the help of each other we reached into the water with our equipment. But that was no problem.

Boah – what a scarp face! Steep down initially! We needed only to let us fall. And we fell. Lovely! Then we followed it and its beauty with a clear view. Because of our lights there were light actions which let the steep face being more imposing. Gigantic. Unfortunately the bottles come also to an end at the best dive and so we began to finish the dive. But at first: deko! With rising very slowly, the wreck of a car and some grimaces it was a short time. At the second entrance we came out of water and began with gushing about the dive.

We spent our diving break with talking and a piece of apple or cheese cake. In the café it smelt of it in the morning. The granny baked them. And the apple cake was still warm. We died for it.

Our second dive was also at the scarp face but to a special rock formation. That eclipsed everything. That was better again than the first dive. Wow. The two very very good dives ended too fast at ‚Galerie‘.

Actually we wanted to finish our day with pizza but there were no restaurant any more for eating it. So we ate something at a Bavarian restaurant with a bad kitchen. Damn. But the two perfect dives aren’t forgotten.

Lake Attersee / Austria: We can’t without it…

What is also great at big cars? We have tested it. We slept in our car with diving equipment and our holiday luggage. And we have to slept under a blanket because we weren’t primed and in the front on driver’s seat. Yes it worked for two person. It is a little tight and the neck is stiff but for one night it was okay. But the temperature drop from 25 to 11 degrees was hard.

We continued our holiday trip from Venice via Udine, Villach to lake Attersee. And on the Tauern Highway we liked the rest area to sleep there some hours. After a cup of well smelling coffee and arriving at lake Attersee – diving spot Schlierwand – enjoying an extensive breakfast in the sun the short and uncomfortable night was forgotten. But with the view over the lake we became tingly: DIVING! FINALLY!

But at first we visited the supermarket in Seewalchen – nut kifli, quark cake, special Austrian salami sausages, some apples, special Austrian bologna and spice bread are very important. Now! – and refered our holiday flat in Weyregg. And the we lost the patience. We left the not required things in our flat and started the way to the lake.

We spent some great days at lake Attersee and dived at our favourite spots Schlierwand, Ofen and Hinkelsteine. But also we experienced Twin Towers and Liebesbrücke (but in our opinion the place isn’t profitable). The visibility from a depth of 0 to 20 m wasn’t good. But under the thermocline it became much better. It became really good from the depth of 23/25 m. The deeper the better. We had then a visibility of over 20 m, especially at dive spot Ofen. So we experienced the steep face differently to the dives last year. Because of the still warm weather we can spent the decrompression time at pleasant 18 degrees. A lovely thing when the temperature is about 4 degrees in the depth.

As an highlight we wanted to find a small submarine boat in over 46 m. But Peter felt sick while the dive and we must break it. We are a little bit out of luck on our holidays this year. However all other dives were lovely. Well the spot Liebesbrücke seemed to be more onshore. But for a relaxing dive it was good.Apropos relaxing. Because of a busy time until our holidays our time at lake Attersee wasn’t only diving. We visited some friends in Linz / Austria, enjoyed the natur around lake Gosausee and visited Hallstatt. The initially late summer 30 degrees und the lovely weather allowed one or another sunbath. Steffie couldn’t leave her running clothes at home so she spent the one or another run along the lake road. At the last evening we paid a call on Mario with a shandy and a roast at restaurant Bachtaverne. After all the Viennese Schnitzel and the potato salad at restaurant Seeimbiss in Kammer is to be highly recommended. And we filled our gases at Bocki’s and his team by Under Pressure as always. Thank you.

Visibility: 5-25 m, max. dive time 100 Min., max. depth: 80 m, water: 4-18 °C

Franchimont / Belgium: La Roche Fontaine

At Mike’s birthday Party we talked about a trip to Roche Fontaine in Franchimont / Belgium. Suddenly we planned the trip for the following weekend. We simply needed a new spot. And so we, Beate and Manfred, Mike and we both, accepted to drive 250 km each way. We wanted to see something new and we wanted to dive deeper than 35 m.

So we met at 6 o’clock in Eupen to start with Bea, Manfred and Mike to Carriere de Roche Fontaine. Anyway we need 2-2.5 h for one way and Mike’s friend recommended to arrive at 8.30 a.m. So we could get a parking zone in the front row. First we passed some motorways and after a lot of kilometres on a country road through the Ardennes. Lovely – like a holiday day. The architecture of the houses and the country connect another flair. And then we arrived our goal – right in the middle. Nobody was there and the cold and wet weather doesn’t communicate cosiness. Equal! Coffee and breakfast! A little later other diver arrived and with the entrance to the spot it began to rain really heavy. But the other diver sprinted to the reception.

After we got to know why. After we checked in, inspired the diving place (it is not bigger than a pitch), assembeled the equipment, went to the water and had a view under water we realized that the visibility was bad – agitated. But it became better in the depth. So we had two good dives next to slick marble walls. Peter and Manfred searched the 50 m hole but didn’t find it. Also some relicts of the decomposition time impressed us, too. While waiting the decompression time we met some fishes.

In the next village of Franchimont we found a Frikandel snack bar. Altogether we had a lovely day at Roche Fontaine.

The photos aren’t so good this time because Steffie had some problems photographing in this light situation. And the visibility wasn’t good for taking pictures. Beate Kleemann took the group photos.
2-5 m, max. dive time: 70 min. max. depth: 40 m, water: 11 °C

Panheel / Netherlands – consistently on Sundays…

We have been with Manfred, Mike, Danni and Mike (there are two Mikes in our circle of friends) for diving in Panheel often. With a partly very good visibility we rejoiced in the numerous underwater objects (helicopter, „gallery“, plane, boat…). Although we met some animals and found the 30 m-place. Especially amusing is the morning ado on Sundays, from 8.30/8.45 on. For some Dutch it is really important to be the first on the parking place of the (mehr …)

Sprimont / Belgium: Carrière de Lillé

Early in the morning, at nine o’clock we met Torsten at stone quarry of Sprimont in the Ardennes. Because of talking to another diver we know that you can come for diving to Sprimont without registration before – different to La Gombe that is next to Sprimont.

The parking place was really full but we found two places for our cars and so we looked about at first. With our bad French we registered for diving in the restaurant and amazingly they talked to us in English. Our French seemed to be too bad… Perhaps the man at registration didn’t want to hear that. After we got a briefing about diving in the quarry by him he explained (mehr …)

Triebischtal / Sachsen / Germany: Old limestone mine Miltitz

After the good dives in the limestone mine ‚Miltitz‘ last year we could get one of the appointments for diving this year. Already before we made plans about our dives and filled our bottles with appropriate gases.

On Friday evening we started after work and a check if we have packed our camera and its body. With continuous rain we drived straight to Dresden where we stayed in hotel ‚Waldschlösschen‘, directly next to brewery ‚Waldschlösschen‘ and a bridge called the same name. Here we had a late dinner.

The next day started very early in the morning because there are some kilometres to drive from Dresden to Triebischtal. Out on the countryside where time has stopped a little we arrived at our rather goal for this weekend: the limestone mine ‚Miltitz‘. (mehr …)

Lake ‚Kreidesee‘ Hemmoor: Our turn of the year…

We already went for christmas to the North of Germany, to Steffie’s parents who live in Norderstedt (next to Hamburg). And so we decided to spend the turn of the year with friends at lake ‚Kreidesee‘ Hemmoor. The tour was organized by dive school Sepia.

Actually we wanted to go to Hemmoor at the 31st December but it is an long time between christmas and sylvester. So we went to the lake two days before because it isn’t far away from Hamburg. Mike, Eva, Ralf, Steffi and Sascha invited us for having breakfast at their holiday house before diving. Thank you again. That was really good. After we started our dive with some of them from E2 to the Rüttler. Afterwards we drove back to Hamburg. We finished our lovely day with a good dinner at restaurant ‚Schweinske‘ Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel and a glissade back to NorderstedtAt 31st December we moved from Hamburg to Hemmoor in one of those framehouses on the terrain of lake ‚Kreidesee‘. We like them an they are ‚gemuetlich‘. We shared it with BeateManfred and Armin. Perfect. That was really good. After a short greeting we picked up our diving equipment and drove to the water: Together with Eva, Stefan, Mike, ManfredRalf und Armin we dived from E0 to the plane and beside the steep face back to E1. For the turn of the year we had a small party in one of the houses and a barbecue. Thank you Carsten! The meat was broiled really good. Mjam!

The new year we began with our personal highlight of the Hemmoor trip: Wolfgang by dive school Sepia borrowed us two scooter for our first scooter dive. At the beginning trying with the lowest speed we lined up inaptly. But some moments later it wasn’t dificult any more and so we scootered downwards to the ‚Rüttler‘ – with the highest speed. Three times around the ‚Rüttler‘ and past again… The concret bomb and the sail boat revolving we tried them. Lovely! That was a lot of fun. Very good. Thank you, Wolfgang!

A day later we began our day slowly and dived with Beate from E2 again to the bridge of the ‚Rüttler‘. Diving over the chute we went to the cellar of the building. We were very happy that  Beate had so much fun and cracked her record of depth in freshwater.

Our Trimix dive we made with Manfred at E5 one day later. Actually we decided to dive there at home. The steep face should be very nice at this place… But the tow of the equipment holded us off until then. We planned our dive until the depth of 50 metres. But when we arrived that depth we kept to the right. But there wasn’t anything except sludge. So we turned and still encountered the steep face. Altogether it was a good dive.

Unfortunately our holidays were coming to an end. So we met with MikeManfred and Ralf (*grr*) really early in the morning for doing a last dive in this lake at the 4th January before driving home and having breakfast. We started at E1 and dived over the street to the pipelines and the ‚Rüttler‘. Our decompression time we spent in the forest. A lovely last dive.

Thank you, Wolfgang by dive school Sepia for the organisation. We had a really good time with you, Eva, Beate, Steffi, Elisa, Claudia, Marlies, Carsten, Mike, Stefan, Ralf, Nils, Wolfgang, Sascha, Wolfgang, HarryManfred and Armin. We enjoyed it really!

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