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Vinkeveen / Netherlands: predators…

Normally we aren’t fish watcher… But in Vinkeveen we had some interesting encounters with luce and co. We think that some good pictures were gotten out.

Slate mine Nuttlar / Sauerland: Being unfaithful to…

– slate mine ‚Christine’… But it will really forgive because we must have a look to other things… And there was an open account with photographing. Last time our camera under water body was flooded.

At the long October weekend in Germany we didn’t pack our cases again. We came back from our trip to the lakes of the region ‚Salzkammergut‘ in Austria the weekend before. So we spent a nice day in slate mine Nuttlar with two good dives. (mehr …)

Lake ‚Wolfgangsee‘ / Austria: divespot ‚Marineschule I‘

With a little bit of heart throb we tell about this dive, because we felt very well and relaxed after it.

Before our summer holidays in June we have informed us about diving at dive spot ‚Falkensteinwand‘ in lake ‚Wolfgangsee‘. But when we had been there perhaps we were at the wrong place or however. Anyway we hadn’t found the Falkensteinwand. Some time ago we started a new attempt. We have heard by friends from Linz / Austria that we would better go by boat to the spot because it would be a long and arduous march with the whole equipment from a parking place. But they couldn’t say who plans trips there because when they had been there they went to the spot by a private boat.

But for what there are a platform called ‚facebook‘ and some groups about ‚diving in…‘. The user of the facebook-group ‚Diving in Austria‘ and he who himself had finally brought together. So we went out with Alex Berner by the base ‚Tauchstation Wolfgangsee‘ by boat, but not to the Falkensteinwand. He said that there is a place which is a lot better: Marineschule I with a maximal depth about 83 m. Good – so we rely on the knowledge of someone who is native there. But the account with the ‚Falkensteinwand‘ is still open… It will be settled – really.

We made an appointment with Alex at 3 o‘ clock p.m. on this day. He said, that it would be possible that two other divers come with us. That is no problem for us. But Alex would have done the trip with us alone. We started earlier to St. Wolfgang, where Tauchstation is resided. Our route guidance system didn’t know the adress. The street ‚Markt‘ does exist but not the house number. But we would find it. We dawdled through St. Wolfgang on this rainy day and found the Tauchstation finally. Nobody had been there and so we where enticed by the cakes of a confectionery. Typical – Steffie loves a piece of cake and a cup of milk coffee.

Some time later and almost too late because of our culinary consumption of our pie slices we were on the parking place next to the Tauchstation. Some other divers unpacked and assembled their equipment. Swiss – we could extracted it because of their licence numbers. „Ah, you are the technical diver,“ we were appreciated. „Alex had announced you.“ By the way: In German there is the word ‚Teckie‘ for technical diver. We hate the expression very much because we are diver like anybody else, too. Whatever – the Swiss were nice. We liked them straightaway. While we assembled all our equipment, Alex came to the base, explained the process and asked for our dive plan: „Dive time 80 minutes, maximal depth 75 m.“ „Perfect, everything is okay. Where you want to go there was nobody since 4 years because the dive spot ‚Marineschule I‘ is private and you can only dive there after you got an owner’s approval,“ he countered. Boah, how cool!!! A little later we conseigned our dive equipment on the boat – the Swiss a little less, we a little more.

During the 20-minutes-tour to the dive place Alex told us about the lake ‚Wolfgangsee‘, the marine school and the reason why he has an electro boat and not one with a petrol motor. So we had an interesting and short trip. After we had applied we got the briefing about the spot and were the first divers who readied their equipment. Alex gave us the stages, we installed them, a short equipment check and then we went downward. We flew the scarp slope down in a free fall. We saw a partial smooth wall with impressive overhangs and crevices. From the depth of 20 metres down the visibility became better and better, perhaps something about 30 metres and more. But the coldness came with the depth. In the depth of 75 metres there were only 4.4 degrees Celsius. After a short stay in this depth we began to appear very slow. Now we could enjoy the partial smooth wall and its details. Slowly, meter per meter we floated upward, along interesting rock formations which changed with a smooth wall. But we didn’t notice while the descenting that we dive under a big overhang. The sediment gushed down because of our bubbles. Nobody had really been here for a long time. When you had a  look up you could realize some nice light effects. The closer we came to the depth of 20 metres the dingier it became. Unfortunately we had to wait our deco time without the nice visibility but the impressions about the scarp slope was good however. At a depth of 12 metres we met the Suisse group. They disappeared in the milky wall. After 80 minutes we appeared. The other diver waited for us – ready for departure.

Alex helped us to do our equipment on his boat and so we drove back to the base. On the way back everybody talked about the dive and so the trip ended fast. After arriving at the base we granted our equipment in our car and said goodbye to Alex and the Suisse. But before we had to put a stamp in our logbooks (Steffie needs always (!) a stamp if it is possible).

We give here a small impression about a dive which has suited us extremly. We don’t have words for subscribing what we have experienced. Unfortunately we don’t have the right equipment for the light situation in this depth. That is the reason why we don’t have so much pictures of the situation in the depth.

Thanks a lot, Alex, for the dive spot suggestion and your effort! We had a great day!
Max. depth: 75 m; dive time: 80 min.; water: 4,4° C; visibility: until zu 30 m (???); gases: TMX 15/55, TMX 35/35, Nx 50

Lake Gosausee / Austria: Two dives with panorama

After Bocki by Under Pressure told about the good visability of the lake ‚Gosausee‘ we decided to go there on this day. From Weyregg at lake ‚Attersee‘ where we stayed the tour takes ca. 1 hour because the lake is next to the glacier ‚Dachstein‘. So we started very early in the morning. But the panorama and the changing of the landscape reduced the drive.

Already the last metres until arriving we were pushed by another car. The driver was bent on getting the last free parking zone. But there was one more for our car. So we got the first parking zone next to the lake. In all dive guides we have read that the parking zones are only for unloading. But the parking time was bordered for 180 minutes. Yes – we left our car there. But where was the advertised and on a lot of pictures presented panorama of the Dachstein? In the clouds – too bad!. And with 6 degrees on 960 m it was really cold.

The pushy driver and his female companion and two other people were diver, too, but not very friendly. After we have explored the entry and the diving place we arranged our equipment. Bocki told that there is the possibility to borrow a wagon for transporting the equipment to the water in the guesthouse because there is a way about 500 metres until arriving the entry. But the other four divers picked the wagon up for their equipment. And they didn’t leave the mark sharing the wagon with us – we have never felt so much animosity between foreign divers. So we decided to walk. At some spots around Cologne there are often a lot to walk until arriving the water. With a lot of impetus and a big smile we pulled ahead by foot.

Hardly we have put our diving masks and kept our heads under water we astonished. We expected a good visability but a so good visibility… – incredible! From entry zone 1 we dived right in the direction of the middle of the lake. In not a long time it is possible to achieve depth. But we asserted really fast that there is nothing in the lake except some trunks and stumps – at least no fish wanted to show itself. But diving with this visibility is a lot of fun. We dived flater again and finished our dive at entry zone 1.

When we unsheathe our heads out of water we can watch the famous view: The cloud cover was gone and the Dachstein began to show its whole glory with fresh-fallen snow because there were a lot of deposit the night before. The other diver finished their dive at the same time. and picked up there wagon again. We went back with ostentation wearing our dive equipment. After the refreshment was really earned. Because of the bad weather in the morning and less tourists we got a place on the best bank of Gosausee. But hardly when the weather became better during the day a lot of tourists arrived at this beautiful place. At the top of the Dachstein there weren’t clouds any more. But in addition to that we were an attraction, too. The mostly bus tourists wanted to know how cold is the water, how heavy is the equipment, where we are from and what are the attractions under water. We responsed all questions very patient.

For our second dive we planned to dive left side beginning in entry zone 1. We thought that there could be a scarp slope because of the rocks on the opposite side. But damn! More than a relative steep fallen ground we couldn’t find. There were stones and rest of trees again. But we could have a look at the under water part of the power station. That was interesting. The second dive didn’t finish at entry zone 1. Because of asking the owner we were allowed to get out of water via boat ramp. That is next to our car. When we dived along it we had a little bit Hemmoor-feeling – cute.

Even if there isn’t so much to watch in this lake we had two really good dives. The very panorama you need to dive in this lake. We had a good day.
Max. depth: 40 m, max dive time: 65 min., visibility: 30 m (???) , Water: 6° C


Slate Mine Christine: really good light…

… Steffies new 21 HID-light head has. The head is almost better for photographing in combination with buddy’s light than the iTorch video light. Therefore some interesting light effects has become on the pictures. Have a look!

Today we have penetrated in an unknown part of the Christine for us. We turned right on the first T like a lot of other times. Afterwards we followed the corridor. Uninterrupted we cranked until the side strake where we often turned or returned. Another hole in the ground invites for diving in deeper corridors. But we didn’t do that today. Past some corridors and alcoves we came across an old tank which is placed in an alcove and a control desk on the other side. Three fin kicks later we saw a room and another diverged from it. We dived into the first one but the second only one diver could see in it because it is too small for two divers. Directly, only at breathing in this room, the grate of the door fall down. We think that nobody was here since a long time.

What a pity! – the pressure gauge suggested returning. But the corridor with the main line continues and there are a lot of turnoffs. But next time we can go to the point where we returned uninterrupted and than we can look for the next part…
Water: 8°C, max. depth: 25 m, gas: Nitrox 36, max. dive time: 66 min.


Eschweiler: lake ‚Blausteinsee‘

Last sunday in Panheel: ‚We go to lake Blausteinsee on Wednesday. It has a good visibility.‘ Mh, yes – Blausteinsee. We did our first 20m+-dives there. But we haven’t been to it since the lake has been in bad headlines and our dry suits smelt nasty after this one dive which is long ago. But we can try the lake again.

In fine – on to lake Blausteinsee. After work diving. We were arranged with Stefan, Armin and Manfred, but anywhere Stefan was at the lake at 6 p.m.. But no one else. Armin war ill and Manfred came a little later. After we have asked some other diver about the visibility and they told something with 10 cm Stefan and Peter decided to go to Maastricht for eating some Netherland rissoles. But restaurant ‚Reitz‘ in Maastricht was closed and when Manfred and his female buddy arrived the two girls still decided to go into the water. Wolfgang sold us day tickets and we started with the prospect of bad visibility. We discussed diving along the line until the first truck cabin and after that to follow the cave lines and to dive the big Blausteinsee tour. Until the first truck cabin other diver’s statement about the bad visibility was right. The visibility was 2 metres not 10 cm und when we passed a depth about 12 metres the visibility became a lot better. We didn’t believe our eyes. It was dark and at first there were some flakes but the visibility of 10 – 15 metres astonished us.

So we followed our diving plan and dived the big tour: pipes, bank, grill, trailer, Mary (sail boat), underwater forest, truck cabins and back again. At last, on the way back to the entrance we were happy to see that something lives in the lake: perches and crayfish followed our lights in flat water. It was a really good dive with Manfred, Stefan and Eva.
Water: 6°C, max. depth: 33 m, max. dive time: 65 min., visibility: until the depth of 12 m ca. 2 m, after 10-15 m


Panheel / Netherlands: Boschmolenplas

Actually I thought about Panheel: underwater scrap yard with bad visibility. But at this day I have changed my mention about this dive spot.

With Stefan I started after a cup of coffee very early in the morning. We met with the people of dive school Sepia from Hamm. After a short hello and some exchange we got together with Armin, Manfred and Beate.

Our first dive we went to a basket along 6 m depth from the entry left. Wow, what a visibility. I didn’t know by Panheel. At the basket we turned to the middle of the lake, course 355°. So we found the helicopter after a short time.

Unser erster Tauchgang führte uns entlang der 6 m Linie am Einstieg links herum über ein kleines Boot und eine Mühle bis hin zu einem Korb. Wow, was für eine Sicht. Die kenne ich aus Panheel überhaupt nicht. Dort bogen wir ab in Richtung Seemitte mit Kurs 355°, um nach kurzer einer Weile auf den Hubschrauber zu stoßen. Dieser ist hier und da mit Muscheln bewachsen. Besonders gut haben mir die Rotorblätter gefallen sowie die Kabine, denn dort hatten sich die Muscheln an der Vergitterung angesiedelt. Leider mussten wir nach kurzer Zeit schon zurücktauchen, denn die vereinbarte Zeit war um.

Nach einer Pause, etwas zu essen und zu trinken sowie etwas Austausch starteten wir unseren zweiten Tauchgang. Dieser führte uns über einige Statuen bis zum Flugzeug. Letzteres schauten wir uns etwas näher an. Ein bisschen Posing gehörte natürlich auch dazu. Übers Flachwasser beendeten wir den Tauchgang. Den Tag ließen Stefan und ich mit einer smakelijk Frikandel special und Fritten ausklingen.   – Steffie –
Max. Tiefe: 11 m, Sicht: 5-7 m, Wasser: 15° C, max. Tauchzeit: 63 Min.


Summer Holidays 2014: Attersee / Austria : Spot ‚Hinkelsteine‘ (standing stones)

When we arrived at the lake Attersee, we first went to a super market in Seewalchen to get some Austrian food products: ‚Wanderstangerl‘ (salami), ‚Gösser Natur Zitrone‘ (beer with lemon juice), Nussstriezel (nut cake) and ‚Extrawurst‘ (special pork sausage). After we went to our holiday flat in Weyregg, we went for a walk to the dive shop ‚Under Pressure‚ for looking if the dive shop is open and to say hello to Bocki and his team. Unfortunately Bocki wasn’t in but a team member ( the one with the goatbeard, we have forgotten his name *blush*). We arranged that we bring the stage bottles and fill the other bottles the next day because we want to clear them. It was no problem and really down-to-earth – as always.

Unfortunately we spent too much time for rebuilding and checking our equipment and Peters arm wristband got damaged. So we canceled the dive. But at the next day it worked. We changed Peters wristband and filled all bottles in the morning so that we could make an expanded dive at ‚Hinkelsteine‘ (standing stones).

We arrived at the spot and the first diver reserved parking zones for the next five of his friends. So we drived forward some metres and directly at the entrance we found a parking zone in the shadow (by the way we had over 30 degrees at 10 o‘ clock).

We dived the good way to the standing stones and had an intensive look to the attraction. The first of three stones was a little bit in fog. If other diver were the reason or it is because of that the first stone is above 20 m (under 20 m the visibility became always much better) we could only suppose. So we concentrated on the second and third stone. Especially on the third because at our dive at this place in September our buddys bottles were too small for having a look at everything.

We spent the decompression time for examining litter. Suddenly we heard an awkward sound which we didn’t know. It was an awkward buzzing. And suddenly two divers with strange mini scooter dashed over. Really awkward. We didn’t heard such a sound before.
Water: 5° C, air: 35° C, max. depth: 41 m visibility: bis zu 20 m, divetime: 80 Min.


Summer holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Kobanya IV

Our fourth and last dive in Kobanya did we have also next to the entrance so that we can left our cars where we parked them for the first dive on this day. Unfortunately Stefan couldn’t dive with us. Again a stairway was the way to reach the water. But at this spot we had to find the access without the comfortable light because it failed. But it didn’t disturb. So the dive began with lovely light acts outside the water while going downstairs. Because of the small entrance we descented successively. At first we dived down the stairway. A second stairway showed us the way through the crawl space. (mehr …)

Summer holidays 2014: Budapest / Hungary – Kobanya III

Our second dive day in Kobanya began again at 9 o‘ clock in the morning. With a lot of sun and a rising temperature outside we went into the mine. With a cool environment we finishes our equipment for the third dive. The diving place is next to the entrance of the mine. Behind a construction awning there is a big corridor. A piece farther behind a door a staircase led us to the water. (mehr …)

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