Esneux / Belgium: La Gombe

Today we were with a group of divers in La Gombe. Some time ago we reserved 20 places for the water time in the morning and invited diving friends for a common sunday trip. At the weekend you must reserve the water time in the morning and in the afternoon everbody is welcome to dive.

The journey was nice. La Gombe is in the Ardennes and you go through small villages, marvel another architecture style and you are inspired of the flair and the landscape – like in holidays. When the streets become straiter and you wonder if you are on the right way you have arrived Esneux.

With best weather we met at 10 o‘ clock to finish our equipment for the first dive at 11.30, to get to know each other of the group and to talk about the lake in which we have dived one year ago. A bit of bureaucracy we have to do before we were allowed to dive and so we had to fill out some lists. But after that we were all allowed to go into the water and have a nice  dive. With a moderate visibility we swam to a grotto. On the rocks which built interesting formations in the dark sponges had settled. After that we followed the main rope which pass all sights of the lake. We had a look at the panzer, one of the pipes and a fir tree. But we didn’t follow the rope completly. We spend our deco time at a rock spur where sturgeons, carps and lots of other small fishes cavort. We love to watch sturgeons. At this spot they come next to the divers and nibble on the mask, nudge curious and pluck on the camera. It is great to spend time with this animals.

Before the second dive a lot of other diver come to the diving spot because they want to use  the free water time in the afternoon at this lovely weather. There were too much diver. The visibility became bad, especially at the main sights around the lake. Marius dived with us because his buddy had some problems so that he couldn’t dive. We go down until 18 metres at the scarp face. Here the visibility was still okay. But at our goal, the plane, it was bad. After a short time, we returned and after some other diver went over our bottles we finished our dive.

Unfortunately it was a little bit sad that it was too early for Belgian restaurants or bistros. They open not before 5.30 p.m. So we gave up finding a chippie with normal prices.

We had a lot of fun at La Gombe and we were very happy to meet such a lot of people again for having a nice time at this diving spot.
Water: 10°C, visibility: 0.5 – 5 m, max. depth: 27 m, max. dive time: 50 min.
The pictures outside of water are by Uta and Willi. Thank you.

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