Franchimont / Belgium: La Roche Fontaine

At Mike’s birthday Party we talked about a trip to Roche Fontaine in Franchimont / Belgium. Suddenly we planned the trip for the following weekend. We simply needed a new spot. And so we, Beate and Manfred, Mike and we both, accepted to drive 250 km each way. We wanted to see something new and we wanted to dive deeper than 35 m.

So we met at 6 o’clock in Eupen to start with Bea, Manfred and Mike to Carriere de Roche Fontaine. Anyway we need 2-2.5 h for one way and Mike’s friend recommended to arrive at 8.30 a.m. So we could get a parking zone in the front row. First we passed some motorways and after a lot of kilometres on a country road through the Ardennes. Lovely – like a holiday day. The architecture of the houses and the country connect another flair. And then we arrived our goal – right in the middle. Nobody was there and the cold and wet weather doesn’t communicate cosiness. Equal! Coffee and breakfast! A little later other diver arrived and with the entrance to the spot it began to rain really heavy. But the other diver sprinted to the reception.

After we got to know why. After we checked in, inspired the diving place (it is not bigger than a pitch), assembeled the equipment, went to the water and had a view under water we realized that the visibility was bad – agitated. But it became better in the depth. So we had two good dives next to slick marble walls. Peter and Manfred searched the 50 m hole but didn’t find it. Also some relicts of the decomposition time impressed us, too. While waiting the decompression time we met some fishes.

In the next village of Franchimont we found a Frikandel snack bar. Altogether we had a lovely day at Roche Fontaine.

The photos aren’t so good this time because Steffie had some problems photographing in this light situation. And the visibility wasn’t good for taking pictures. Beate Kleemann took the group photos.
2-5 m, max. dive time: 70 min. max. depth: 40 m, water: 11 °C

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