freshwater-team cologne e

… it’s us, Steffie and Peter from Cologne / Germany.


On our diving journeys and -trips we have our camera with us. At the beginning with underwater photographing we had a Canon Ixus 130 with an original Canon underwater casing. By this time we have a Canon Powershot G16 with a Fantasea casing and an itorch-viedolight. The Ixus cameraset broke very often (flooded, flooded and flooded again…). In course of time we took so much picture about our trips so that we didn’t know what we can do with them. It would be pity if they gather dust digital on our harddisks. So filling a website with them could be the best possibility for sharing them with our friends and everybody who wants to have a look at them, too. But we didn’t want that the maintenance go short. A blog with wordpress seemed the best and easiest solution …

A little about us: We started as verdigris with an OWD course. Peter began 2 years before Steffie. Dressed with a jacket and a wetsuit we left some bad visibility in our lakes, especially in the lake of Hitdorf (German: Hitdorfer See). We have both learnt diving in this lake. No one is born a master…

IMG_1735   IMG_0127   IMG_6702

After some new and used mispurchase we both had found fitted jackets, drysuits and 2 regulators each. But Peter was clear in his mind that sport diving isn’t enough and he wanted to become a technical diver. Steffie needed a little longer because she had some difficulties (fear and so on). But at length she became more assured and because of a lot of dives in our domestic lakes more routine.

After she peered jealously to Peter because he had with his double 12 a lot more air with him and his water position was much better, it was certain: wing, double 12 and backplate must be. A day with diving in mine ‚Kleinenbremen‘ triggered the cavevirus in Steffie.

IMG_5737   IMG_5745   Foto: Stefan Molitor

Some time ago after a lot of drill dives together with training with the equipment and always repeating the basics we obtained the Cave1 and the Trimix brevet. But now we aren’t perfect diver. Constantly, actually at the end of every dive, we repeat or drill something.

In course of time we got to know a lot of people at diving. We want to say thank you for the great dives…