Lot / France: our trip to the European cave mecca

‚You are also interested in a trip to Lot?’ Miki asked a half year ago. Yes, we are! Very fast a group was together. Miki booked a house at Domaine de Gayfie near St. Paul de Laure for the whole people in Easter holidays. Somebody went shopping, someone brought a compressor and another one brought Oxygen and Helium. That would become a really good trip.

In January Peter did the user course for CCR KISS. But for diving in the mines in Germany he needs a CCR cave course. So we bespoke with Peter’s CCR teacher Oliver Marsel to do a crossing to IANTD and CCR full cave course. He stayed in France fort his time, too.

The days before holidays we organized our equipment and bought some things which we needed. On the Friday our holidays began with packing the equipment in our car and the first part of the trip. In Dijon we ate in a bad restaurant and slept in F1 hotel which rooms were like rooms on a ship. The next day we started with a French breakfast (Croissants). After a lot of kilometers on the highway and the freeway we arrived in the afternoon.

We were the last people and at our arriving ithe house looked like a diver’s home. The first evening we had a barbecue and talked a lot.

For our first day Oliver planned theoretical lessons because the flow in the caves was so heavy that not all caves where good for diving. So we started the practical lessons at St Sauveur and Landenouse and not as planned in the Ressel. But at the Easter weekend diving in the Ressel was possible again. Steffie’s personal highlight was a dive in the Truffe with two friends on Easter weekend. Peter can’t come with them because his ears didn’t work – damn. After Easter weekend we finished our course at Ressel with getting our technical cave certification.

Our group was a little sad of illness. Some of them went home earlier. Peter had luck. His ears worked again after a break of two days.

We were happy in getting to know a lot of diver from other countries and meeting also the people who we meet at our home spots.

Many thanks to Oliver Marsel of dive-adventure.com for an interesting and instructive course. Thank you, Miki, for bringing a compressor, organizing the house and borrowing tools and so on. Thank you Ati, Susi and Benni for bringing oxygen and helium. Thank you Ati and Stefan for an unforgetable dive in the Truffe and a lot of tips. Thank you, Alex, Tim, Jenni, Susi, Ati, Benni, Miki, Stefan and Oliver for a good holiday with lovely dives.

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