Summer holidays 2014: Isle Krk / Croatia – wreck ‚Peltastis‘

Our second dive with Abyss people and at once the second on that day was at wreck ‚Peltastis‘. After a short and stressful diving break our boat was ready for the next tour. The journey took 45 minutes. So we had a lot of time to learn something about the wreck. Antonio briefed us about it and the dive.

Peltastis was a Greek transport ship and sank at night of the 7th to the 8th of January 1968 in front of isle Krk in the bay of Kvarneric. Its last journey began on 4th January 1968 in Rijeka (mehr …)

Esneux / Belgium: La Gombe

Today we were with a group of divers in La Gombe. Some time ago we reserved 20 places for the water time in the morning and invited diving friends for a common sunday trip. At the weekend you must reserve the water time in the morning and in the afternoon everbody is welcome to dive.
(mehr …)

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