Sprimont / Belgium: Carrière de Lillé

Early in the morning, at nine o’clock we met Torsten at stone quarry of Sprimont in the Ardennes. Because of talking to another diver we know that you can come for diving to Sprimont without registration before – different to La Gombe that is next to Sprimont.

The parking place was really full but we found two places for our cars and so we looked about at first. With our bad French we registered for diving in the restaurant and amazingly they talked to us in English. Our French seemed to be too bad… Perhaps the man at registration didn’t want to hear that. After we got a briefing about diving in the quarry by him he explained us how we can transport our equipment with the old lift to the entry. The way to it is a little steep. With a mono bottle and a jacket it is no problem to do the equipment in the basket of the lift. But the D12s are a little bit too heavy for that. So we dragged the equipment ourselves.

After the briefing when we mounted our equipment we determined that we had forgotten our tanks for the lamps – damn! So we had to use the backup-lamps for communication. We began our dive through the two football fields large and max. 27 m deep quarry with the scarp slope on the left. But before diving we dragged our equipment downward and balanced over the stones at the entry. A mirror, a diver’s bell, a camera and a boat are positioned between the rock formations. The sturgeons which we met in the back, deeper part were our highlight. That are so exciting animals.

We didn’t drag our equipment upwards directly because we decided to do a second dive. So we left our whole boodle on a table next to the entry. While the second dive we dived in a crevice. There was a mirror at the end of it which made that it seemed to be that other divers obliged us. That was an vexing experience. We watched the sturgeons intensely again.

With looking forward to a really good steak at the restaurant – someone told us about – we finished our second dive and dragged our equipment upwars to the cars. Our good dive day with two amazing dives we finished with a big piece of meat on a hot stone – really delicious!!!
Visibility: max. 10 m, max. dive time: 60 min., max. depth: 26 m, water: 8 °C

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