Summer holidays 2014: Isle Krk / Croatia – wreck ‚Peltastis‘

Our second dive with Abyss people and at once the second on that day was at wreck ‚Peltastis‘. After a short and stressful diving break our boat was ready for the next tour. The journey took 45 minutes. So we had a lot of time to learn something about the wreck. Antonio briefed us about it and the dive.

Peltastis was a Greek transport ship and sank at night of the 7th to the 8th of January 1968 in front of isle Krk in the bay of Kvarneric. Its last journey began on 4th January 1968 in Rijeka where the ship was charged with one hundred barrel of ore and 50 barrel of cargo. In Sveti Juraj (Jurevo) it collected 500 cubic metre of wood. A very strong ‚bora‘ swept across Velebit massif. Because of missing security captain Theodore Bellesis didn’t want to stay in the small harbour but next to coast of Crikvenica. But the sea was so strong that the anchor was ripped out. The ship bounced against the rocks of isle Krk and sank directly. The 12-headed crew swam to the land and rescued themselves. But the captain didn’t want to leave the ship and stayed aboard. A lot of month later his body was salvaged. Today the wreck of Peltastis is in a depth of 6 to 31 metres.
Build year: 1952 in shipyard ‚D.W. Kremer & Sohn‘ in Elmshorn, Germany, owner: Chr. M. Salis & Co., port of registry: Piräus, Greece, length: 60 metres, width: 9 metres.

When we arrived at Peltastis two other diving boats stayed there, too. But this time we thought nothing about. We suited our diving equipment an jumped in the water full of anticipation to have a look at a piece of history. But we were also excited to dive into the wreck and to examine everything accurately – a very naive thought. The first impression was great when we arrived at the deck: A lot of colourful fishes swam around. They showed that ship and nature became one during the decades. But anyway around the wreck the visibility was a little bit restricted. We continued our dive with swimming to the bridge which is open for determining it inside. But what was that? Our illusion to go into the wreck, at least in the bridge was gone when we saw that: Two other diver stood (!!!) in this small room and played captain and first officer. Sand was stirred and the visibility was over – what a disappointment.

So we went outside around the wreck and hoped to have a view into the cargo areas. We tasked us with the vegetated outer shell and delighted us in the plants, the sea fans and a lot of small creatures. Over the deck at the bug we went to the cargo areas. Here somebody played root vole again, too. But we found the some or other dark edge with a good visibility so that we were delighted by some rusted ladders. However oh… anyway all other divers were gone and a look on the dive computer let us know that 45 minutes diving time were over and that we had some decompression time. It was forbidden to do a deco dive. Whatever! Then we have just done our security stop a little longer 😉 . We had forgotten the time at this wreck and if you needn’t to think about how much air you have with you at this short dive times… Antonio had still understood that what he let us know a day later. He can calculate that himself, but he hasn’t said anything, only laughed.

We had a great dive at the wreck and we will dive to the one or other wreck, that is deeper than Peltastis. After the dive the atmosphere was hilarious on deck. Everybody had a nice dive at Peltastis.
Water: 14° C, max. depth: 31 m, max. dive time: 50 Min., visablity: 0,5 – 20 m


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