Triebischtal / Germany: Miltitz again or the special end of our holidays…

…but this time we brought our friend Mike Lux with us for doing two cave try out dives

The last weekend of our holidays we went to Dresden for diving in Miltitz. We had planned it before we talked to our friends about Lot ans so we drove from Cajarc to Triebischtal. But this time we met our friend Mike and his girlfriend Barbara. Mike was allowed to do two try out dives in the mine and Barbara visited the famous sights of Dresden.

On Saturday we did our dive on ourselves and on Sunday we had a look at Mike’s dive. Naturally he wanted to have some pictures about him in the mine. We know that from ourselves. And it is always a nice keepsake. We loved Mike’s smile after diving in the mine. After diving on Saturday we met Barbara in the central of Dresden for appreciating the sun at a cup of coffee at first and afterwards German’s brewery cuisine again.

Unfortunately this both days came to an end too fast (it is always the same) and after a lunch break at a restaurant which Susi had recommended we had finally to go home.

All the pictures in the dry area and the photo of the three divers in the water were made by Barbara. Thank you very much for them.

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