Triebischtal / Sachsen / Germany: Old limestone mine Miltitz

After the good dives in the limestone mine ‚Miltitz‘ last year we could get one of the appointments for diving this year. Already before we made plans about our dives and filled our bottles with appropriate gases.

On Friday evening we started after work and a check if we have packed our camera and its body. With continuous rain we drived straight to Dresden where we stayed in hotel ‚Waldschlösschen‘, directly next to brewery ‚Waldschlösschen‘ and a bridge called the same name. Here we had a late dinner.

The next day started very early in the morning because there are some kilometres to drive from Dresden to Triebischtal. Out on the countryside where time has stopped a little we arrived at our rather goal for this weekend: the limestone mine ‚Miltitz‘.

We assembled our dive equipment very relaxed and moved (not dragged! We have learnt something and picked up a hand truck) our stages to the diving place in the mine. After registration procedure at Peter and his team we moved our left things in the mine. Only changing clothes and putting the dry suits: the first dive could begin finally. Because of the way to the diving place you need a lot of time before you are ready for diving. But the trouble pays off.

At our first dive we turned directly in the first corridor from the mainline. We followed the line down in the depth. Any time, so at 30 metres the visibility became much better. Above this depth it was already a bit dusty. At this dive we were rewarded with clear water and breathtaking light effects by other divers. Lovely! Unfortunately the rock bottom was reached. So we had to turn back all too fast. There were some minutes to spend at deco stops. Whatever – it was a great first dive in Miltitz.

After a snack we packed our dive equipment in the car, gabbed with some other divers for a while and drove to a shopping mall back to Dresden where we could find a mustard store and a supermarket. Certainly we reviewed the day with a diner at brewery ‚Waldschloesschen‘.

The next day we started early again and with the ice scraper. It freezed outside but the sun appeared. It seemed to be a good day. Off to Triebischtal! We moved our stages again in the mine, the main equipment too and changed our clothes to dry suit outfits. Then we started our second dive. this time we turned right in the first corridor where we followed another corridor in the depth of 30 metres. This one ended in nowhere for us. we had to wait for some minutes deco time. after this really good dive ended. And so we packed our dive equipment, moved our stages out of the mine and talked to some other divers. We have made some nice acquaintances.

Visibility: as far as light allows, but not so clear across 30 metres, max. dive time: 90 min. max. depth: 60 m, water: 7 °C

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