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Bavaria / Germany: lake Walchensee spot ‚Galerie‘

Before our holidays Dirk told us about going to Oktoberfest of Munich and after diving in lake Walchensee.And that at our last holiday weekend. Perfect! We wanted to go before to lake Walchensee because another friend told us a lot about the lovely lake and this special spot with its scarp face. So Dirk didn’t need to ask if we are interested, too. YES!!! We invited us ourselves. 😀

While we stayed at lake Attersee he told us what he planned and so we ordered the right gases at Bocki’s a day before. And we agreed meeting for breakfast at 8 in the first café on the left side.

But in the meantime the flow of refugees increased and because of that they introduced border controls. We heart about waiting time for a lot of hours. So we started our tour from Attersee to Walchensee at 5 o‘ clock in the morning. But we passed the border without control and were half an hour before meeting time in the small café. Perfect. With some information about the lake and a lot of laughter we had a good start in the diving day. And there were also no wind so no wind or kite surfer could be on the parking zone for the dive spot.

We met some other diver on the parking zone. After a short briefing and making a dive plan we arranged our equipment and placed our stages with a rope in the water because the entrance isn’t comfortable. Balancing over the stones and with the help of each other we reached into the water with our equipment. But that was no problem.

Boah – what a scarp face! Steep down initially! We needed only to let us fall. And we fell. Lovely! Then we followed it and its beauty with a clear view. Because of our lights there were light actions which let the steep face being more imposing. Gigantic. Unfortunately the bottles come also to an end at the best dive and so we began to finish the dive. But at first: deko! With rising very slowly, the wreck of a car and some grimaces it was a short time. At the second entrance we came out of water and began with gushing about the dive.

We spent our diving break with talking and a piece of apple or cheese cake. In the café it smelt of it in the morning. The granny baked them. And the apple cake was still warm. We died for it.

Our second dive was also at the scarp face but to a special rock formation. That eclipsed everything. That was better again than the first dive. Wow. The two very very good dives ended too fast at ‚Galerie‘.

Actually we wanted to finish our day with pizza but there were no restaurant any more for eating it. So we ate something at a Bavarian restaurant with a bad kitchen. Damn. But the two perfect dives aren’t forgotten.

Salzkammergut / Austria: A desaturation trip to lake Gosausee and Hallstatt

We started a small trip of desaturation to lake Gosausee. In the sunshine we could enjoy the nature and discover also the small things.

After a cup of coffee in the sun we continued our trip and visited Hallstatt. Finally we could experience this special place in lovely weather. 🙂

Salzkammergut / Österreich: Entsättigungsausflug an den Gosausee und nach Hallstatt

Einen kleinen Entsättigungsausflug haben wir an den Gosausee gestartet. Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein konnten wir die Natur erleben und auch die Kleinigkeiten entdecken.

Nach einem Kaffee in der Sonne ging es dann weiter nach Hallstatt, um diesen besonderen Ort endlich einmal bei angenehmen Wetter und nicht im strömenden Regen zu erleben. 🙂

Lake Gosausee / Austria: Two dives with panorama

After Bocki by Under Pressure told about the good visability of the lake ‚Gosausee‘ we decided to go there on this day. From Weyregg at lake ‚Attersee‘ where we stayed the tour takes ca. 1 hour because the lake is next to the glacier ‚Dachstein‘. So we started very early in the morning. But the panorama and the changing of the landscape reduced the drive.

Already the last metres until arriving we were pushed by another car. The driver was bent on getting the last free parking zone. But there was one more for our car. So we got the first parking zone next to the lake. In all dive guides we have read that the parking zones are only for unloading. But the parking time was bordered for 180 minutes. Yes – we left our car there. But where was the advertised and on a lot of pictures presented panorama of the Dachstein? In the clouds – too bad!. And with 6 degrees on 960 m it was really cold.

The pushy driver and his female companion and two other people were diver, too, but not very friendly. After we have explored the entry and the diving place we arranged our equipment. Bocki told that there is the possibility to borrow a wagon for transporting the equipment to the water in the guesthouse because there is a way about 500 metres until arriving the entry. But the other four divers picked the wagon up for their equipment. And they didn’t leave the mark sharing the wagon with us – we have never felt so much animosity between foreign divers. So we decided to walk. At some spots around Cologne there are often a lot to walk until arriving the water. With a lot of impetus and a big smile we pulled ahead by foot.

Hardly we have put our diving masks and kept our heads under water we astonished. We expected a good visability but a so good visibility… – incredible! From entry zone 1 we dived right in the direction of the middle of the lake. In not a long time it is possible to achieve depth. But we asserted really fast that there is nothing in the lake except some trunks and stumps – at least no fish wanted to show itself. But diving with this visibility is a lot of fun. We dived flater again and finished our dive at entry zone 1.

When we unsheathe our heads out of water we can watch the famous view: The cloud cover was gone and the Dachstein began to show its whole glory with fresh-fallen snow because there were a lot of deposit the night before. The other diver finished their dive at the same time. and picked up there wagon again. We went back with ostentation wearing our dive equipment. After the refreshment was really earned. Because of the bad weather in the morning and less tourists we got a place on the best bank of Gosausee. But hardly when the weather became better during the day a lot of tourists arrived at this beautiful place. At the top of the Dachstein there weren’t clouds any more. But in addition to that we were an attraction, too. The mostly bus tourists wanted to know how cold is the water, how heavy is the equipment, where we are from and what are the attractions under water. We responsed all questions very patient.

For our second dive we planned to dive left side beginning in entry zone 1. We thought that there could be a scarp slope because of the rocks on the opposite side. But damn! More than a relative steep fallen ground we couldn’t find. There were stones and rest of trees again. But we could have a look at the under water part of the power station. That was interesting. The second dive didn’t finish at entry zone 1. Because of asking the owner we were allowed to get out of water via boat ramp. That is next to our car. When we dived along it we had a little bit Hemmoor-feeling – cute.

Even if there isn’t so much to watch in this lake we had two really good dives. The very panorama you need to dive in this lake. We had a good day.
Max. depth: 40 m, max dive time: 65 min., visibility: 30 m (???) , Water: 6° C


Vorderer Gosausee / Österreich: Zwei Tauchgänge mit Panorama

Nachdem uns Bocki von Under Pressure von der Sicht im Gosausee vorschwärmte, haben wir an diesem Tag beschlossen dorthin zu fahren. Von Weyregg am Attersee dauert die Fahrt etwa eine Stunde, da man bis zum Dachstein fährt, so dass wir bereits in aller Frühe aufgebrochen sind. Aber das Bergpanorama und die Abwechslung der Landschaft verkürzten die Fahrt dorthin und ließen definitiv keine Langeweile aufkommen. (mehr …)

Sommerurlaub 2013: Tragöß / Österreich – Grüner See 11. – 13. Juni

Von den ganzen Bildern und Videos vom Grünen See mit Stefan haben wir eine Gesamt-Videoproduktion zusammengestellt. Die Bilder und Videos sind zum Teil durch Stefan und zum Teil durch uns entstanden. Das war eine sehr beeindruckende Etappe unseres Urlaubs inmitten einer unbeschreiblich schönen Natur. Wasser: 7°C, Tauchzeit: bis zu 120 Minuten, max. Tiefe: 6 m

Sommerurlaub 2013: Tragöß / Österreich – Grüner See III

Am Ende des zweiten Tages am Grünen See kam Stefan nach, so dass wir unseren Urlaub zu dritt fortsetzten. Der erste gemeinsame Tauchgang, einen Tag später, ging zur Brücke. Beim zweiten Tauchgang wollten wir eigentlich zur Bank tauchen, aber wir haben uns vertaucht und sind vor der Insel abgebogen, anstatt dahinter. Da aber die zu tauchenden Strecken im Grünen See ziemlich weit sind, haben wir uns entschlossen, erst am Folgetag die Bank noch einmal in Angriff zu nehmen. Das tat aber dem Vergnügen des Tauchgangs keinen Abbruch. (mehr …)

Sommerurlaub 2013: Tragöß / Österreich – Grüner See II

Einmal im Jahr, wenn das Schmelzwasser von den Bergen abfließt, werden die Wanderwege, Bäume, die Brücke und die Bank überschwemmt. Aus dem kleinen Bach, der sonst durch das Tal fließt, entsteht für wenige Monate der Grüne See, ein Paradies, was die Natur, Sicht und Wasserfarbe anbetrifft. Wir dachten, dass Lechausee und Samaranger See sichtweitenbezogen nicht mehr zu übertreffen sind, aber es wurde uns das Gegenteil bewiesen: Der Grüne See hat bestimmt 50 – 70 m Sicht, blauschimmerndes Wasser – beeindruckend. Unseren ersten Tauchgang haben wir damit verbracht, uns an Details aufzuhalten, die noch gar nicht die Highlights darstellten. Diese wollten wir uns für die Tauchgänge mit Stefan aufheben.
Wasser: 7°C, Sicht: 70 m (?), max. Tiefe: 4,50 m (mehr …)

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